What for?

For security

VALOMAG will enable a large route to a secondary source of raw materials for permanent magnets, and by that striving towards a more circular economy. This will help to ease the strain on the supply chain by the ever increasing demand, and it will reduce the dependence on import for the EU.

For the environment

By recycling the secondary resources for permanent magnets, less primary resources need to be mined. This helps to limit health and environmental risks linked to the presence of processions of radionuclides from primary deposits. Recycling of these elements has a much lower energy consumption than those observed for the exploitation of primary resources.

For knowledge

This project will generate more knowledge on a scientific, industrial and practical level for the recycling of permanent magnets. This knowledge will be dissipated through means of publications, conferences and seminars. Find out more on the “News” and “Resources” page!

For awareness

VALOMAG makes an European circular economy of rare earth magnets possible. To show the general public, academia, industry, local and national governments and the European Commission that this is possible, awareness is raised via news items, seminars et cetera.   

For competitiveness

The European competitiveness is stimulated by VALOMAG through the creation of added value, new jobs and business for recycling companies and technology providers.

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