29 June 2022: WasteEng conference Copenhagen, Denmark

391 - Leaching and selective recovery of rare earth elements found in NdFeB magnets using organic acids and TODGA. by Sahar Belfqueh, Nourredine Menad, Alain Seron, Simon Chapron, and Guilhem Arrachart

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3 December 2021: VALOMAG Seminar

One day seminar by 8 speakers that present the progress of the VALOMAG project and its relation to ERMA and the Susmagpro project. The slides of this seminar can be found under the Resources tab.

16 November 2021: 3rd Online International Conference on Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change

Development of an eco compatible process for the recovery of rare earths from permanent magnets. by Sahar Belfqueh, Guilhem Arrachart, Nourredine Menad, Alain Seron, and Simon Chapron

20 July 2021: French article on the Valomag project

A Orléans, le BRGM s'intéresse à nos déchets électroniques,

4 May 2021: Presentation VALOMAG at WindEurope

Virginie Decottignies (SUEZ) explains the VALOMAG process from the recovery of scrap magnets to the production of new magnets and rare earth oxides. The slides of this webinar can be found under the Resources tab.​

13 April 2021: VALOMAG webinar

Virginie Decottignies (SUEZ) talks about the Valomag project. The slides of this webinar can be found under the Resources tab.​

6 April 2021: When recycling our waste is a science

TV interview about BRGM activities for the circular economy and the Valomag project: quand le recyclage de nos déchets est une science (when recycling our waste is a science).

10 December 2020: VALOMAG presentation

The VALOMAG project was presented by Dr. Virginie Decottignies (Suez) and Thibaut Marcon (CRM Group) at the PROMETIA 2020 Annual Scientific Seminar. The presentation can be found under the Resources tab.​

19 November 2020: VALOMAG LCA Workshop

VALOMAG project partner Leiden University organized an LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) Workshop with other partners of the consortium, led by dr. Benjamin Sprecher and dr. Gloria Li. The discussion was focused on life cycle evaluation of the whole REE magnet recycling value chain, after an educative introduction LCA lecture by dr. Sprecher. The lecture can be found under the Resources tab.​

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